Beneficial Block Play

You may not think so, but block play is a beneficial and educational activity for your little one to engage in! There are many skills which are enhanced with this simple activity.

First, it helps to develop better motor skills; when children engage in building with blocks, it requires your child to place them in a position so that they don’t topple. As the child engaged in this activity more, his/her hand-eye coordination also improves.

Block play also works to increases mental stimulation; children learn to think logically when playing. After they see what they’ve built fall down a few times, they automatically learn how to arrange the blocks to prevent this from happening.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 3.30.55 PM.png

Building with blocks also enhances their math and vocabulary skills; there have been several studies done which show that the inclusion of building blocks helps develop these skills. Language skills develop because the children learn the names of the colors, shapes and sizes of building blocks. Math skills are further honed when a child learns to add up or subtract the number of building blocks required to build a structure.

In addition, such an activity also enhances their creativity; the children slowly move from merely stacking blocks to creating structures and naming their buildings!

Finally, this type of play activity also encourages positive social interaction between children. y using building blocks, children engage in sharing with one another. By encouraging them to play together they learn how to interact and cooperate!


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