It’s More Than Just a Boardgame!

Boardgames have always been an important part of anyone’s childhood! And it’s amazing to see boardgames from our childhood still being used by today’s children. What makes it even better is that they are used in the field of early education, working to teach children other important skills while having fun!

1. Cognitive Functions
Depending on the chosen game, cognitive functions (memory, information retention, problem-solving, and others) are honed when playing. The mind is further developed and the memory is also equipped to retain the information. It has been scientifically studied that when engaging in boardgames, the body is enhancing the prefrontal cortex – a part of the brain which is responsible for complex functions!

2. Brain Development
It goes without saying that engaging in boardgames is a crucial role in any child’s growth & development. When playing board games, children are learning social and communication skills. Additionally, they are also learning to concentrate longer and focus over longer periods of time

* * *

Pictured below are two children from our Preschool classroom; Miss Gina, the lead #preschool teacher, had the children engaging in #boardgames, which is a great cross-curricular activity! With such a simple game, the children are able to incorporate math (counting skills & number recognition), social skills (patience & taking turns), language, and color recognition!

Kudos to Miss Gina for brining out so many learning avenues with a simple game!

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.39.22 PM

Here are some other games you can play with your child(ren) as they grow older as well:

Scrabble Junior,
Learning Avenues: literacy and language skills

Boggle Junior,
Learning Avenues
: Teaches letters, words, spelling, matching skills

Monopoly Junior,
Learning Avenues:  math, color recognition, reading, reasoning, social skills


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